Cabinet features

  • All metal
  • Monitor: single or doublle LCD 22″ wide screen
  • Main monitor touch
  • Steel Dashboard
  • Ready for:
    • Note Acceptor
    • Card Reader
    • Printer

Cabinet dimensions

  • HEIGHT: 1800 mm
  • WIDTH: 560 mm
  • DEPTH : 470 mm
  • WEIGHT: 100 kg


Galileo: the practical cabinet, easy to handle, designed to meet all current and future needs.

Its design makes it a unique and unmistakable element, a must have in each VLT room.

With unique design, innovative, solid, technologic both inside and outside, this cabinet counts countless configurations that make it a product already projected into the future.

Galileo has an innovative feature: it allows the opening of the front compartment, without requiring the opening of the door on the cabinet, allowing to perform practical and easy maintenance and repairs on pushbuttons and lights.