About Us

MAG Electronica deals with production, marketing and management of automatic and semi-automatic entertainment devices.

It was born in 1994 on the basis of twenty years of experience in this management that gave us the opportunity to observe the automatic field from a point of view not only of trade but related to the product.

We always try to develop products with high quality standards, managed with the passion of those who breathe this air for years.

WMG S.r.l.

The WMG Joint Venture was born in 2011 from the desire to create a company that meets the challenge of new gaming markets.

Thanks to the convergence of deep software expertise and a ten-year experience in quality AWP market, WMG has the ability to carry out innovative projects, with particular attention to the player.

An italian company, formed by a multicultural staff of experts of IT and gaming sector, with offices in Padua and Rome.

Until today, it’s the only Italian company to have obtained a certificate of conformity of the VLT system.

CMS Gaming Ltd

CMS Gaming Ltd, founded in 1982, has gained a lot of experience in development of gaming machines through the use of proprietary hardware and software, and thanks to the gained knowledge it can boast thirty years experience in global gambling market.